F1 – GP Cina: Gian Carlo Minardi point

mclaren.jpg'Once again we have seen a fun race, thanks in part to adverse weather conditions. For the analysis of the Chinese race but we must make a distinction between the results of the qualification and the race.

On Saturday the Red Bull has confirmed his supremacy again winning the first row with his bishops Vettel-Webber, though, as many of their colleagues, both missed their strategy during the race. Certainly did very well for McLaren, who designed two different strategies for its pilots, something that has not happened again in Ferrari, where, do not help anyone have implemented the same tactics. Beyond the second error in four starts (that made the uphill race in the drive-through) Fernando Alonso could have won the race, even if Jenson Button was the author of a perfect race, led by world champion. These first two victories of English, I think, are even more important of the six obtained last season.
Staying at home of the Prancing Horse, the red should get something on lap compared to Red Bull, even if the Spaniard can compensate with his right foot, as demonstrated on Saturday, pulling the Brazilian two tenths. Now we see what happens in Spain, with the first European Grand Prix, which traditionally have all the teams on track with numerous aerodynamic and techniques. On the engines would not say that there are particular problems, although the two broken engine may create some problems in front of more strategies, since we are only at the beginning of the season. Unlike Red Bull, which also mounts the engine of Ferrari, Sauber continued to have problems in this respect, although as I understand it all stems from an incompatibility with electronics, which then affects the engine.
Still a good performance by Nico Rosberg continued to grow and mature, creating hardships on teammate who, along with Massa, has struggled in the final race in Q3. Renault can defend itself: perhaps during the winter testing was a bit ‘underestimated. Kubica and Petrov have brought home important points that throw them into fifth place in the constructors’ championship, behind the Mercedes GP. Continuing on this path is difficult to lose the fifth place, although the first four are still too far away. I think the couple Schumacher-Rosberg will take home more points than Kubica-Petrov. For the first time saw the Russian earned a seventh place finish, leaving behind names like Webber, Massa and Schumacher. In all four races had some great starts and both he and his partner have optimized the potential of the car.
At this point I want to open a parenthesis on two episodes that have occurred in the pit lane: Hamilton-Vettel and Alonso-Massa, although very different from each other. At the end of pit stops in English is attached to the German, following the race in the lane dedicated to employees of work. Although it was a little behind, should give way to Sebastian. I do not understand why the Commissioners have decided not to fine. The situation is different between two Ferrari drivers, where Fernando had to take risks to avoid reliving the incident in Malaysia. Even then, however, the Ferrari driver to overtake his companion, passed with at least two wheels over the white line. Until a few years ago an incident like this would have been penalized. The direction of travel should be more careful in certain episodes, so that we can repeat. A situation like this could become dangerous.
With the arrival of the circus in Europe teams begin to define the first guides and the Michael Schumacher, if he does not wake up in the next races, it could risk being cut off from the fight for the title. The new scoring system, which rewards the victory, leads the championship is more fun and open up the top six, although with the passing Kubica races will come off from the rest of the group. Compared to the previous race, we had a sudden reversals of ranking with the world champion who conquered the summit.
Gian Carlo Minardi