KART – Another podium, the rain, Alessandra Brena

brena.jpg'The inner race of Siena hosted the third round for the Italian league Easykart center area.

After second place in the frame centered on a Pompasa Alessandra Brena thanks to a superb race and free of errors, which are also launching the third in the standings with a haul of 73 points, just four lengths for second place.
Weather conditions affect the weekend pilots: Friday and Saturday a spring sun is the host, while on Sunday the rain enters the scene carrying the temperatures at tap 7 ° C.
Between Friday and Saturday the Brena consistently wins top of the league, stopping just two tenths from the top, although several small problems that keep all the staff involved.
Despite the good feeling with the rain at the end of Alessandra qualifications must be satisfied with the ninth with a 1.7 seconds from pole. Without losing heart the Minardi team is developing a set-up that would allow its top driver to be immediately fast. At the start of the first race (10 laps) immediately brings the Brena is in sixth place and, thanks to a series of passes drawn with a compass – and accompanied by a massive support – across the finish line in second place.
Pending the final 22 laps, the team decides to upset the structure of the kart, trying to conduct a study of races allowed to Alessandra remedy rear tire wear, literally burned.
Despite the pouring rain Alessandra snaps like lightning marching one by one his opponents to reach the third position after only 3 curves. In the fourth step of the tiger karts sinking the decisive attack take the place of honor behind the winner Orsini
It ‘s the first time in many years that I run, ending a race so tired. But I am happy for the result
I have walked 22 laps giving everything I could trying trajectories strangest, moving constantly in the seat to try to give adherence to those rain tires that had become slick.
When I saw the tires with which I had to leave, my objective was narrowed by focusing only on winning some points. I never imagined being here to celebrate a second place. The work that my team has done before entering the final was fantastic and their advice helped me greatly, so I dedicate this podium to them all.
“Says Alessandra Brena