SF – [Interview] Davide Rigon "The first race was run"

Rigon.jpg'The Silverstone circuit has established a return to full-time talented young Italian Davide Rigon in Superleague Formula, the championship for the third season brings the automobile with the football.

After the triumph in 2008 with the green-white club in Beijing, and the brief appearance in the first three days of last season – having regard to its commitment in the GP2 Series Mains – with a white shirt and red greek club Olympiakos, thienese the pilot for this season is tied to the color purple RSC Anderlecht in the Belgian league team.
‘Was an uphill start to the season, where even the free practice we had to fight against some problems on our engine ,” said Rigon “ Our weekend started on Saturday with the qualifying session where we covered the first 10 consecutive rounds. Unfortunately, a new accelerator problem I did finish the session off the track, locking the door to the final and fight for pole position. Despite the few miles and accumulated very little had time to work on set-up, the car balance was not bad, as evidenced by the lap times and recovery completed in race-1, despite the problem on the right pedal to appear regularly in both heats. ”
The championship runs over 12 for every race meeting and the points on offer are many. After the first day what is your goal?
Despite the difficulties on the reliability front are quite happy and confident for the rest of the season. Immediately the feeling with the team was very good. Try to meet my needs and listen to the statement that appears after each round. Working in this direction we obtain good results. The first weekend there served as the running and upcoming events our full potential will come out. Once solved the problems with the car we constantly fight for the podium.
From the first race we could see how high the level of the championship, even with 4 drivers from the Formula 1.
The league is very competitive and all pilots are professionals. I believe the level this year is higher than that of GP2. I’m very happy to be able to join. Although the races are very drawn (45 min race) and the car is a car that heavy and demanding it stops us all fresh. Even from the standpoint of athletic preparation we are ready and well trained. Can fight on the track with drivers who have experience in Formula 1 and Cham Car is very exciting, as the boxes I ocompagno Doornbos. The behavior on track is very honest, F1 style, while GP2 is more “evil”, if I may call it so. The championship is long and therefore affect the race is useless, or even the entire weekend, the first corner
Can you talk about your car Superleague Formula?
Compared to 2008 and 2009 the car has not changed much. When you press the button “push to pass” are paid a few more horsepower. The rest is a still a lot of fun, challenging and training to drive.
The steering wheel and I find it really beautiful as you can see from the picture is full of buttons (much like an F1 car) and now you explain its main functions
1) push to pass – premium increases engine power for a few seconds. Very useful when overtaking
2) Pit limit – is used in the pit lane speed limit to 60 km / h to avoid falling in the penalty.
3) Confirmation – is used in the most challenging race and when you can not talk by radio with the wall. When pressed, the team confirms that the information you have arrived.
4) Alarm – there’s just something wrong (such as temperature or pressure change is too high) on-board computer I’ll illuminate the screen indicates the steering wheel. To accept or reset the screen you press this button.
5) Rain – enables the rear (mandatory in case of rain)
6) Neutral – each time you hand there is a procedure to follow. We must press the clutch (lever located behind the steering wheel), then button “neutral.” At this point you put the gear in the right stick to go. This button is also used to put the car in neutral.
7) GCU – This button is used to change the mapping of the change. Basically you use a “change” fastest in qualifying, instead focusing on reliability in the race.
8) ECU – need to change the engine mapping. Again, these are changed between qualifying and the race. They are sometimes changed to lower consumption.
9) Talk – Opens a channel to talk to the wall
10) Page – allows you to change the 3 pages that are in the main screen: STAR PRACTICE, RACE.
11) Fuel – when you refill the fuel consumption of the press to reset
12) Drink – this button is installed in a pump that brings water to the pilot to drink during the race.
In the main screen you can see 3 pages that give the pilot all the information on the car (temperature, pressure, engine oil and gearbox). Also shows the gear and engine speed through the LEDs that will indicate the right time to change and avoid the “overdrive”
The next meeting will take place in Belgium on the Assen track.
For me it will be the first time on this type of circuit. That’ll almost certainly one day prior to start working with my engineer. As usual I will travel along the path with the engineer and the engineer to study trajectories and points to the disconnect. Feeling around is a fast circuit. In these days before the race go to the Centre of Forlì Driver Program to continue the training sessions, also carry the mortgage to get up to the track.
Just for the physical preparation that type of work you’re in the gym and how you prepare for races?
Going to the summer we tend to work outdoors, making several miles on a bike. We train, not forgetting the fun. Along with the other riders and all the team of Prof. Elias played tennis and squash. I also brought along my kart in two days I ground more than 200 laps. I took the whip. I feel really fit and I only stopped for petrol, not because he felt tired.
2010 has just begun, but your mind is already projected to 2011?
My goal is always the circus of the Superleague Formula 1 and we can almost be compared to GP2. As I said before in terms of physical and athletic are absolutely ready, as I have also been demonstrated in previous seasons fighting on par with much more experienced drivers. I hope he is given a chance to show off. I continue to work day after day trying to do my best to bring home good results and expect.
You talked Formula1. What is your opinion about the beginning of this world?
It heralds a season and fought the Grand Prix of Australia was very intense, even though I was a bit ‘disappointed by these Bridgestone last so long. With two pit stops the show could still increase. Last year in GP2, barely ended up running. There are four world champions Michael Schumacher and soon will have its say.
The next appointment with Davide Rigon and the Superleague Formula is for 15 and 16 May at the Dutch circuit of Assen.