F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "The simulator as the wind tunnel. Indispensable"

Minardi.jpg'They are busy days for the Formula 1 teams. After a long winter spent in the factories, wind tunnels and simulators it is time to sharpen their weapons ahead of the first round of the season, scheduled for the weekend of ‘April 11-13 on the track in Bahrain.
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F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "We need to return to the Friday practice for the rookies"

Minardi.jpg'The engines of the cars are still all green lights turned off and the first of the season is still far away, but despite this there is already a negative note, and somewhat worrying that concerns our country. Unless sensational twists in the next Formula 1 World Championship will be all the tricolor on the shoulders of one pilot Jarno Trulli.
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F1 – GP Abu Dhabi: The analysis of the qualifications of Gian Carlo Minardi

Minardi.jpg'Celebrate the Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel on pole for the last race of the season on the track in Abu Dhabi, but also celebrates the third time thanks to Ferrari Fernando Alonso makes a first important step to winning his third world.
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Gian Carlo MINARDI "The F1 should give a chance to Davide Rigon"

Minardi.jpg' In 2010, Davide Rigon celebrated its first 12 years of sporting activity. From that July 13, 1998 the Board of Rigon home has become more prestigious because of the numerous successes and titles, though perhaps the greatest satisfaction came in 2005 with the call by some Gian Carlo Minardi for a test at the wheel of his F1 car on the track of the Roman Vallelunga Rigon was only 18 years old and came from the victory in Formula Blue. It was early in his career and despite his inexperience, I was positively impressed. Of course then he was not ready physically for a Formula 1. Has matured and now has all the features and quality to excel in Formula 1. “Said Gian Carlo Minardi, who discovered many talents such as Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli
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F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "Webber, a driver underestimated the F1

Minardi.jpg'This reduces the races and the points to be won, but not the pretenders to the throne. The schedule has only three more white cells and 75 points up for grabs, but the drivers vying for the bay continue to be 5: two Red Bull, a Ferrari and two McLarens. Australian Webber leads the group even if the points ahead of Fernando Alonso, who opened the quartet of the pursuers, was reduced to “only” 14 points, also causes the internal struggle with Sebastian Vettel in the last two appointments he stole the mate 7 points.
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F.1 – GP Korea, yes or no?

GP_Korea.jpg'Just over a fortnight from the first Grand Prix of Korea (scheduled Oct. 24), teams, drivers, fans and those who work do not yet know whether the seventeenth round of the Formula 1 race or not.
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F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "I say yes to the Rome Grand Prix"

Minardi.jpg' The Grand Prix of Rome continues to discuss the last critical in order of time comes from politics, the Northern League leader Umberto Bossi. Umberto Bossi wanted to express his dissent to the new Roman event in the capital claiming that the race will be run only with the chariot. We have therefore decided to contact Minardi.it Gian Carlo Minardi and his team had already found yourself having to play two great in Italy, at Monza and Imola.
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[Video] – Relive the weekend at Magny-Cours with Minardi TV

Rigon.jpg' After Assen and the new episode of Speed, the transmission of a Tele dedicated to World of Formula 1 with studio guest Gian Carlo Minardi, Minardi TV , the Web TV of all the supporters signed Minardi.it, is enriched with two new videos in mogliore way to relive the weekend French Davide Rigon, the third stage of Superleague Formula Championship. Read more

[Video] – On line the new episode of Speed at the Malaysian GP

SPEED'With the Malaysian Grand Prix, Minardi TV, Web TV, all fans signed Minardi.i, is enriched by the new episode of must-Speed transmission Tele 1.
Guests of the host Zama Nicola, Gian Carlo Minardi driver Gabriele Lancieri, fresh from signing with the team in Piedmont Villois to race in the GT Open at the wheel of ‘Aston Martin.
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F1 – GP Malesia: Gain Carlo Minardi point

Minardi.jpg'The Malaysian Grand Prix has given us the first shotgun season license plate and the first Red Bull of Mark Webber seal. Instead comeback race for Ferrari and McLaren have had to deal with the wrong strategy.
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F1 – GP Melbourne: Gian Carlo Minardi's point

Minardi.jpg'The Grand Prix of Australia, the second leg of the world gave us the first win for Jenson Button at the wheel of McLaren, Ferrari and a good confirmation of the fragility of Red Bull. Extraordinary Robert Kubica, Webber insufficient, author of the incident with Hamilton in the final stage
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F1- Road to Bahrain

Minardi.jpg'The circus of Formula 1 are sharpening their weapons in view of the forthcoming World Cup, running on the track in Jerez de La Frontera, before moving to Catalunya for the last rehearsal before the debut in Bahrain.
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Minardi.jpg' Green light for Minardi.it. With the first official test on the layouts of Valencia and Jerez, Formula 1 has opened its new season, and punctual as always, will arrive in the coming days, the extensive comments, signed by Gian Carlo Minardi

For this season Gian Carlo Minardi will make available to all fans of his extraordinary experience, accumulated during its first 35 years in motorsport, commenting through the columns of the portal Minardi.it all news related to the racing world.
To begin …. Formula 1 with the analysis of such tests in Valencia and Jerez, and then move on to Formula 3 Italy, the neonate Championship Formula Abarth ACI-CSAI and news on the Minardi boys Davide Rigon, Daniel Zampieri, Gabriele Lancers, Luca Casadei and lady Alessandra Neri
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