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The Made in Italy lights Singapore up

Almost 1700 headlights fed by 2000W lamps placed on a 7-km-long aluminium truss which is supported by 247 steel pylons, a 214-km-long electric cables system, 475 switchboards, a 57-km-long optical fibers system, 47 closed-circuit cameras for race monitoring placed in the operations centre. More than 530 loudspeakers arranged in all the areas attended by the audience, 500 radios for the communication between race commissioners and race professionals, 160 days of hard work and hundreds of men engaged.” These are only some of the numbers which allow the whole world to attend the Singaporean GP, which is the F.1 World Championship’s 13th event, come to its 6th edition. The Marina Bay street circuit was inaugurated in 2008 and hosted the F.1 World Championship’s first night race. The circuit is getting ready to switch on its reflectors again on September 21-22.

Who makes all this possible it’s the Italian company DZ Engineering, which is headquartered in Forlì. The company has the honor and the duty of shedding some lights on the Singapore’s darkness “It takes a six-month-assembly and dismantling work to arrange a three-day-event. In fact, it’s a fully off-taking lighting system”, explains the Project Manager Mr. Roberto Grilli, “It takes 100 days to install it. At mid-May we start to setup all the infrastructures inside which the track lighting system, the close-circuit cameras for on-track operations and the loudspeakers for sound diffusion, will be placed. We need to have all systems installed by the end of August, as it takes 10 days for them to be tested. It’s an extremely accurate check; every single piece has to be tested and checked. The rest of the pre-race period is dedicated to headlights pointing and all the other systems’ fine tuning. The dismantling begins the same night of the race and it takes about one month to dismantle the whole system. All materials have to be scrupulously inventoried after they are stored in a government’ s property area” continues Mr. Grilli the engineer “ It has to be considered that we have to work in the heart of a very dynamic city and on streets which are open to daily traffic. The track is closed to traffic on the Wednesday night of the race week, only some streets are opened every morning to let traffic stream towards main streets. Furthermore, there are also some private areas to which access is allowed only in certain periods. So we have to follow a well-structured time schedule which makes our work very long.”

The DZ Engineering’s name is also linked to the design and installation of all devices related to on-track safety, which is guaranteed through a close-circuit cameras system and a sound and communication system. Our trip in the Singaporean GP’s backstage begins through Roberto Grilli’s words “The Singapore’s project gather the company’s many skills. Even if track lighting is the activity which gives us more visibility from a media point of view, on the occasion of this race event, we are also in charge of designing and installing other technological systems which are integrated in the infrastructures, such as the TVCC, Audio and Radio communication systems. All the system is fed by twelve stations which are deployed along the circuit. Each station is equipped with two 500 kVA power units working at the same time. In case of malfunction of one of the two units, the second one is able to support the whole electric load, which is equal to 30-35%. The track lighting system is made available through 1565 headlights powered by a 2000 W lamp, while the three tunnels are fed by 179 headlights powered by a 400 W lamp.”

Galleries and paddocks are lighted by respectively 98 and 80 headlights.” Since this year, the DZ Engineering is in charge of carrying out the lighting system of the advertising panels which are affixed on the side facades of the pedestrian bridges which cross the circuit “Considering that the track lighting system is installed only on one side of the circuit, it is necessary to increase the visibility of the advertising banners which are on the opposite side. Some special headlights will be installed on the truss, so that the beam of light can be shaped. Doing that, we act only on the area which has to be lighted up, avoiding dazzling drivers, cameras and audience.”

Thanks also to the know-how gained by the company for what concerning the carrying out of the lighting system of some of the main artistic and historical places such as the Roman remains in Pompei and Paestum, the Temples’ Valley in Agrigento, the Singapore National Art Gallery, the Otranto’s Cathedral, the S.Vitale’s Benedictine historical complex in Ravenna (just to mention a few), since this year, the DZ Engineering is in charge of carrying out the lighting system of the pit stop area, whose façade will be lighted up for the first time “The Singapore’s government announced a tender for the lighting of ten sites of historical and artistic interest, whose value has to be increased during shooting.” The Government, through the Formula 1’s mass media exposure aims at promoting the State-City of Singapore to the whole world. “Doing that, the visibility of the city’s most important monuments and touristic attractions will be increased, creating an added value for the paying audience and television-viewers. So, starting from this year, the Pit Building’s façade will look different thanks to our cooperation with two other Italian companies: Namaste and Proietta. What is it? You only have to watch the GP to discover that”, ends Roberto Grilli.

Now we only have to wait for Vettel and Alonso to challenge each other in the Singaporean night, after the Red Bull’s successful race on the Monza’s fast straights. Ferrari will have to make a great effort and the Marina Bay Street Circuit could represent the last chance for the Italian team to be a candidate for the 2013 World title, before focusing on the 2014 season. It was the Red Bull’s German driver who won the Championship last season. The blond racer will be a contender for the win also in Singapore, ahead of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.

Inside Bhai Tech – Driving Simulator & Software

Our trip inside the Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre, the cutting-edge centre located in Mestrino, near Padua, which was inaugurated by the Williams Team’s driver Pastor Maldonado, starts now. This year the centre celebrates its first anniversary. Thanks to its innovative design, the centre took part in a contest in Koln to be awarded the prize as 2012 best facility. Bhai Tech got through to the final, competing with the Austin-based Circuit of Americas for the win.

It’s a 2800 square metres structure on three floors which was conceived with the aim of providing teams and drivers with some facilities to support the development of Formula and GT cars and  off-track training before taking part in a racing weekend, thanks to the presence of an advanced driving simulator and modelling software, which are the core of Bhai Tech’s offering.

Through the 6-DOF full-motion driving simulator, which is fully immersive with a 8 210° 8 m diameter curved screen, five off-board projectors and two rear view visuals to ensure the view of the car’s rear part, reflecting images on the rear-view mirrors , a driver can train and study all the features of the main preparatory formulas’ most important circuits. Complementing it with the Bhai Tech vehicle modelling software, squads can arrange a racing weekend in house and compare real data with virtual ones. Besides making fluid dynamics studies and analysing tyre’s behaviour, it is also possible to analyse setup in real time and check its different behaviours “In many categories time is very tight, so the possibility to make tests is very little. This is the reason why it’s so important to have a good setup and be well prepared since Friday’s practice”, says Roberto Costa, the technical director. “All that can be developed in our headquarter, where the best setup can be studied in details. Thanks to our software, all racing weekend’s data concerning setup, tyres, downforce, can be stored and compared. So, track conditions can be fully recreated without going to the track. That contributes to bring the costs down and reduces times. At that point, we can start the development work.”

It’s an all-rounder system which goes from track to simulation and goes back to track. With test limitations in F.1, the driving simulator is an extremely important device for a single-seater development and GP preparation. All the F.1 top teams have invested so much in this respects, but simulation is a very important resource also for the preparatory series, as through that a team can develop the car in details and a driver can study the circuits he will race at and his car’s behaviour “In F.1 hundreds of technicians work at the simulator to develop the car at best. This is so expensive, in addition, telemetry and all needed data to develop a car, which is designed by them, make everything even more expansive.

Thanks to our software, we’re able to enable a team to develop its car focusing on tyre modelling, which is a very important aspect, which usually requires so much time. We can provide different setup options according to customer needs”, ends Mr. Costa, the engineer.

At the Nurburgring, where the International GT Open Championship’s third round was run, the racing division took its first double win in the GTS class, thanks to Bhai Tech Racing’s four drivers Giorgio Pantano/Rafel Suzuki and Chris Van Der Drift/Luiz Razia at the wheel of the two McLarens MP4 – 12C. They ended the first half as the Championship leaders.

Grandpa's Holiday engineer Gian Carlo Minardi

After all this work finally came the longed-for holiday grandfather Gian Carlo Minardi, together with the family, having fun on the Adriatic Coast

Good bye Angelo….

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Frezza and Casamania with

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With the new season is back in the world of the web part of the history of Formula 1 and automobile Italian: reopens its doors to all his fans and enthusiasts of Italian and International Motorsport the portal, the new website signed Gian Carlo and Giovanni Minardi.
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